Neo-American Church


My philosophy is similar, but not identical, to that of (in the West) Heraclitus and David Hume and (in the East) Yogacara and Madhyamaka Buddhism (Nagarjuna), Samkara (particularly in regard to the “antakarana” function), and most of the Zen tradition.

This point of view may be called solipsistic nihilism. I deny (the existence of) a “cosmic mind”, the externality of relations, space, time, and multiplicity as anything more than illusions. Life, in other words, is a dream. I reject occultism as an attempt to maintain externality when it is convenient and to reject it when it is inconvenient. The past is merely present memory and the future is merely present expectation. Nothing “exists” in an objective sense, including my body or personality. There is no ontological difference between the waking and dreaming state or between life and death. Truth is arrived at by getting rid of illusions, which can best be done by taking large quantities of the psychedelic drugs. Meditation and Yoga are most often used to prevent awareness of the truth rather than find it and lead to occultist delusions.

Relations within the delusion of externality are best understood in terms of the analogy of the dream and the key is the appreciation of the synchronistic level of relations (example: the I Ching). The “environment”, history, society, and everyday life at any given moment represent the best compromise the antakarana (that function of the mind which produces the phenomenal world) can make between the conflicting claims of repression in the service of fear (fear of the Void, mostly) and creativity in the service of love and vanity. Human culture is best understood in terms of vanity-play and psychoanalytic theory. Huizinga. Norman O. Brown. To understand one’s life, the important thing is to overcome the repetition compulsion (Gurdjieff) and pay close attention to coincidence (synchronicity).

What “physical” order exists in the world exists mostly to produce the illusion of externality (as in a dream) and this order can be destroyed at any time by taking LSD, which may be thought of as an “antakarana tranquilizer”. Occultists, in attempting to use “will power” to overcome the limitations of the “environment” are only struggling, feebly, with themselves, and it is no surprise that the results are usually silly and regressive, because only the most infantile wishes and fears have enough power to overcome the antakarana, even for a moment.

In practice, I favor the “guru system”, using psychedelics.