Neo-American Church

On synchronicity:

A flood of synchronicity awareness does not … always cause people to jump for joy. On the contrary, it’s often the launching pad for paranoid ideation, delusions and freak-outs. “Messages,” already a misleading concept, can be swiftly converted into “orders” if they are misinterpreted in terms of supernaturalist assumptions. … A list of the different kinds of synchronicity would be a list of all imaginable relations. The best rule is to stay loose. Synchronicity will teach you how to interpret synchronicity, if you will let it. It is not a foreign language. Anyone who can grasp the principles of cause and effect reasoning in the context of a material universe of space, time and randomness can also grasp the principles of synchronistic relatedness if he is willing to imagine the alternative context of the non-spatial, non-temporal and psychically determined dream. Millbrook, Chapter 8

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