Neo-American Church

Divine Toad Sweat

Dilated House Organ

1970s The Neo-American Ten Commandments
1973 Snazzm, Fazzm and McPozzm, with illustrations Snazzm, Fazzm and McPozzm and The Stoned and the Unstoned
The Excommunication of Timothy Leary
A Change in the Wording of the Second Principle, Stimulated by a Rereading of “Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines” by W.Y. Evans-Wentz
1974 Miserable Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Karma
Rhetorical Strategy in Confrontations with Occultists, Cosmicminders, and Supernaturalists, with appendix The Handy-Dandy Kleptonian Test of Philosophic Barbarisms
On Archetypes as Solipsistical Dream Figures
On “Alternative Realities”, “Biverses”, “Multiverses”, and Occultism in General
1975 Principles of Interior Decoration for Neo-Americans
1977 Chief’s View
1989 The Ten Commandments of the OKNeoAC Sportsman