Neo-American Church

The Stoned and the Unstoned (illustration from Snazzm, Fazzm and McPozzm)

The Stoned…and…The Unstoned
PsychedelicZone of Compromises, Magic, Occultism, IrrationalityScientific World View
Space time continuum mutable and internal. Space is a screen. Electronic. Maze-like intricacy. Personal. Plurality is an illusion. Model: the holograph. Time is merely present memory. A dream. Illusion. Myth. The person is an aggregate of traits selected for dramatic utility, etc. No center. Truth is found by eliminating illusions. Drugs. Negativism. A "higher" cynicism. Social "progress" impossible. Love. Compassion. Non-violence. Autonomous. Intellectual vice: vague generalities and inarticulateness. Characteristic mental disorder or burlesque is schizophrenic private world syndrome. E.S.P., prophesy, super-human entities. The Mysterium Tremendum. Plurality of worlds. Astrology. Science fiction concepts. "Souls." Monads. Yoga. "Higher" minds. Hierarchy of pure and impure. History, destiny, "group spirits." God's plan for the world, etc. Fall and redemption. Hegel. Marx. A plaything of "powers beyond the ken of mortal men." A hero or villain in a grand drama, etc. The "Self." Truth above mundane sphere. Various spiritual disciplines. Yoga. Secret doctrines. Struggle between dualities. Absolute good and evil. Revolution. Heroic war. Inner directed. Intellectual vice: reification of abstracts, absolutism, intolerance. Characteristic mental disorder is paranoia, absolute power fantasies. Space-time continuum absolute and external. Space is infinite. Depth emphasis. God of the godless. Multiplicity of things in infinite space. Time is bastard kind of space. Scientific concepts. Personality. An item in the evolutionary progress of the generations. Genetic code. Truth is discoverable. Scientific method. Repeatability. Consensus. Greatest good of greatest number. Social values. Other directed. Intellectual vice: dehumanization, petty counting. Ennui. Neuroticism. Depression. Imitative robot self-depreciation. Linearity. Repression of existential and philosophic issues by means of repetition compulsion and "specialization."
the void the antakarana of samkara the self monads souls levels dimensions vibrations numbers things
synchronicity i ching visionary experience faith authority consensus experiment statistics
madhyamaka buddhism advaida vedanta samkya yoga dogmatic christianity voodoo judaism darwinism
yogacara buddhism zen tantric buddhism brahmanism scientology jesus freaks vitalism unitarians
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Kleps Hume Berkeley Hesse Laing Castaneda Baba Ram Dass Lilly Manson The Maharishi Freud Marx
Lao Tse Jesus Plotinus Nasr Dechardin Gnostics St. Paul St. Augustine St. Thomas Sartre Bertrand Russell
Nabokov Borges H. Miller Wordsworth Goethe Tolstoy Leary Swift Nietzsche Mailer
LSD DMT Mescaline Peyote STP Marijuana Opium Belladonna Heroin Alcohol Sedatives Coffee Tobacco Methedrine
Jokes Paradox Pure philosophy Poetry Art Meditation Hypnotism Alpha Ritual Mantras Training and education
Anarchism Libertarianism Fascism Tribalism Communalism Liberalism Socialism
High intelligence Low intelligence High intelligence
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The First Bardo of the Tantrics Second Bardo Third Bardo
The above distinctions are entirely on the basis of the stoned/unstoned contrast and have nothing to do with "social worth" or style. I would place Thoreau ahead of Emerson, for example, because he was capable of saying "that time which we improve, or which is improvable, is neither past, present nor future." Similarly, Freud and Russell make better reading than Berkeley, and Berkeley is wrong about the "mind of God," but he was more "stoned."